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What makes 9gag a trending site?

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After having a stressful day, what more could be relaxing than visiting 9gag. 9gag is site where funny pictures and videos are posted. Most of the posts there are recollected meme's and rage comics.

9gag became popular for its meme's. Like a boss, You don't say, Close Enough, Challenge Accepted etc. have been a widely used catchphrase that we use in certain situations. It shows how people are widely influenced by 9gag.

9gag meme's

According to, there are certain rules that we follow when you are in 9gag:

  1. 9GAG is just for FUN.
  2. 9GAG is JUST for fun.
  3. Get Involved.
  4. If you’re funny, you get Likes.
  5. Play Nice.
  6. Respect originality and creativity.
  7. Moderate your content.
  8. No repost.
  9. Report Abuse.

Overall, 9gag was invented for the entertainment of people. Just by scrolling down you'll have lots of fun. So, why don't you try visiting to experience the fun?

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